Sunday, April 1, 2007

Overall Conference Reflection

What did I observe? Youth and adults collaborating to make the conference happen.
What did I learn?
1. The 6 million paths to peace workshop validated all service as a positive journey to peace. Community service and service-learning work hand in hand. We do not need to feel like a 'step-child of service-learning" anymore.
2. Mary Rogers triangle and circles are visuals we need to use in presentation to our community. They are easy to understand and we can adapt them to our reality. Christine's work showed the importance of a researcher's work for quantifing and qualifing results.
3. I want to become a Shinno-yen Foundation fellow. I will try to go to San Francisco in July.
4. There are wilderness programs that combine s-l and American Indian cultural exploration in Oklahoma. We might use them to train 8th graders. (Rite of Passage)
5. We need to consider exploring Earth Force resources
What is next?
a. Greater focus on Challenge 20/20
b. Training: Shinnoy-en Foundation reflective tools
c. Revision of Brussels Presentation: Triangle, Circles
d. Training of YAC using State Farms YAB website
e. Exploration of a new course on understanding NGO and philantrophy= 15 hours of service-learning

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