Friday, July 25, 2008

Lesson Plan after the Institute

Brainstorming the lesson plan:
Getting to know each other-creating a learning community (native connections) Here we can use the multicultural mask, the cultural scavenger hunt, the heroe's journey interview, the perspective taken: Harvard activity with fried bread and apple pie.

Learning personal and social responsibility responsiblity with native connections
Here we can go over doing their part in research and quality of work. Maybe connected to native oral history in the area of hunger and global warming (usage of the buffalo, usage of land for survival, but not more). Social responsibility in the pinwheels, the cover all the possible perspectives, not just our own

Creating a plan of action (working with the elderly, teens, children, the environment, and animals)To enhance their sensitivity and empower them to realize their role and contribution in the impact of their actions, I will use native works (the granmother story, the quilt story,

Preliminary Details: Write a Disney grant to get supplies for the Pinwheels for Peace Project. Make sure the pinwheels have native symbols along with symbols from the cultures of the kids, taken from the surveys, scavenger hunt, and/or multicultural masks. Work closely with the artist in residence regarding supplies and lesson plan structure.

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