Sunday, July 4, 2010

Technology Professional Development at OK State Department of Education

Thursday, July 1: Promethean for Educators: Promethean is the educators version of the business-minded Smart Board. It is designed for student interactivity. The ActivExpression component provides instant student responses. It has a website with lesson plans accessible for free. There is ongoing 'free" professional development. $2,000 will get a Promethean board at the Volunteer Center. I hope we will be able to find grant funding for this. It is amazing. I was not able to attend a Smart board training yet, but the tech people at the State Department would purchase a Promethean over a Smart Board for Ed. purposes. I think this board could also be used at Independent and Assisted Living facilities.

Tuesday, July 6: Motivating the Digital Natives I only attended an hour of this workshop. I had to take family to airport. I learned about, a social network for educators. I also learned about where students can take notes digitally. The so-called backchannelling is great. For a month we will be able see our notes on Skype, Delicious, Animoto/Edmoto, Ning, Jing project. I attended edmoto and how to use Manuel can be found at We signed up for his workshop at his ning. From the I gathered the following websites: Explaining Web 2.0:; -artwork (e.g. smartboard tools-ish); collaborative modem;use kisstunes to create music for videos. technology tips for teachers:, google;,; for free pics, sound, etc. that can be used in student projects; photo editing; for saving your Internet bookmarks or favorites online;; your thoughts on something in a shape instead of just a word cloud: : we use it with our elementary students and their weekly spelling lists; it jazzes up the boring spelling work for them; bibliography to create a bibliography; for bibliography citations also. Youtube videos: on selected youtube videos insert "kick" before you in youtube (ie. saves the file in flash. for download to save youtube videos as mp4 file to save on iPods or video files to show to students.

Wednesday, July 7: Audacity: facilitator: Manuel Gonzalez. Audacity is a free program. Manuel self-trained after a COV Training (Celebrate Oklahoma Voices.) Example of Mike and Mike podcast (a radio broadcast edited.) That is what audacity does. You can also use to do digital story telling. High Educational example: High School students mentoring in American History during the summer turned their poems into rap songs. They worked with headstar 4 year olds. Students still remember the experience and the CD creation.
Workshop process
Basic: Introduction..How to get it, what it looks like
Advance features: Change voice tones, etc.
Learn to export it compatible files
Record voice with music. Get songs that are royalty free

How do we find audacity? the 1.2.6 version, if you have windows 7 download the beta version. It saves it as a .aupfile. I can only play it in an audacity player
Types of files
audio files: .mp3; wav; .a+f; aup will be changed to .wav; .mp3
doc files: doc/docx; pdf, etc
Audacity control tools are the same as a VCR. Mikes are very sensitive. We recorded our introduction and how we spent our 4th of July weekend. Mute the first track unless you want to hear both at the same time.
Creative music, find, jamendo music to download legally music available for educators. Other sites for music: We downloaded the music we saved at the desktop. We learned how to edit, duplicate, edit, and undo. 30 seconds or 10% is the only allowed time to take legally for free. You avoid lawsuits that way.
The programs' difficulties are handling the tools. Photo story 3 for windows. You can import the audacity file for your pictures. Vokie was another site a tech teacher asked if she could use with audacity because it changes your voice. A good site for free sounds is
Think 2 minutes of content. Do not go over 3 because you lose your audience!
Effects tab...Helps you remove noise and unwanted sounds wuth noise removal and click removal, amplification will help the shy voices.
Fading under effects and silence under generate
What kind of headset? Shop carefully.
Other helpful sites provided by teachers, mostly media librarians: Site to keep track of URLS, Photo Story 3 does not accept MP3 only wave files: Sound convertor files: (with a webklipper annocation)

Thursday, July 8th: Digital Citizenship It is digital literacy on how to teach teachers and parents the abc of digital literacy. Our presenter is Perry Applegate who knows Jeanie.

The presenter shared her story of spagetti grew on trees.(spagetti harvest, bbc April fools video). She shared the video What is a browser: How you get to the internet: Internet explorer, Firebox, Chrome, Safari. Search Engine: How you use to look up stuff: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wolfram Alpha. A search engine searches only their sites, not all the websites. Ranked by most searches, not for relevancy or reliability. Some are paid links. Search engines are paid for their link. cancer..$3 a hit for example.(leukemia, cancer with heat-probably not the most reputable.) So do not think the first findings are good. On Goggle it says, "paid results."
Look at the description..Google is the biggest, compares search engines. Relevance and segregation are part of Google. is good for educational purposes. No paid results, and gives Designed for high school students
Kids is a good one for younger kids. They can narrow it down by subject area. kids can put in whole sentences
bing: decision engine. Great for shopping. It is the microsoft search engine. Segregate subheadinds
WolframAlpha is a great search engine for math and science. Great for b-day info.

Being a good searcher:
1. Be specific
-Develop a search plan (bio, role, presidency,wife...What kind of info do we want: facts only) In addition to search engines, databases and books. Spelling does count!! N
-Narrow them, Boolean operators (passe) Help refine the search or(expands) and (narrows) not(eliminate certain related topics) The magazine databases require them, + and -
host searchers. gov. edu college, com, etc. It is changing now. The host domain name is changing. She provided domain names for other countries. Reviews technology
smokingabd Site searching
Google advance search should be taught to the students. You can find several pp on study skills. You do not have to reinvent the wheel.
Almost all uses advance searchers look at all possibilities in google advance search
How do we know if a website is good: Who, what, where, when,why
Who created the website, who is the responsible person?
What? Does the website meet your information needs? how easy is it to use? How well written is it? grammatical and spelling errors-not an expert in the field. Check simple fact.
When? when was initially posted and updated.
Where? .org is good,but not fair and balance edu,.k12, .me personal website
Why? was it created?...propaganda techniques...bandwagon approach...everybody believes this.
Fact and opinion differentiation Tons of good lessons recognized usage of strong words. tells who owns the website.
History of website: How web sites were web space sites to evaluate by perri

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