Thursday, July 12, 2007

July 5th: Conference Begins

Chocolate Reception and World Cafe: Brussels amazing chocolate was everywhere. The room was divided in groups in round tables. A person could choose anytable and discuss the questions the facilitators were providing.

The participants were so interested in learning about each other's programs that the process was not followed at all tables. It was a good way to start. I noted that this could be a great way to allow people to discuss and learn about different aspects of service learning. We could have parents, teachers, and students learning about service-learning in a fun and delicious way. Chocolate, coffe, and tea!!!!

I was placed on the global education group facilitated by Cathryn Berger Kaye. We had people from Spain, Japan, and South Africa in the group. Chiaki, from Japan asked what was the difference between patriotism and global citizenship. I was interested in global education programs, funding and liabiliy issues, others were interested in sustainability of projects. This home group gave us the opportunity to be a family within the conference. We met to share, reflect, and evaluate. I think YAC could have a home group project based.

The Openning Plenary had Rischard as a main speaker. He gave an explanation of his book High Noon and called for teachers to begin discussions of global issues similar to the ones started at the International schools and the NAIS Challenge 20/20. Rischard commended our efforts and asked to be invited to our project with Peru. He wants to follow our progress.

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