Friday, July 13, 2007

July 8: Connections with Brussels and Spanish Educators

Morning with Spanish Educator: Roser Batlle Suner. Roser has contacts in Peru and Argentina. She will e-mail those contacts to make sure our global education programs get to a good start in Peru. As we reflected on the conference, we went to the Tin Tin museum. There I was introduced to a character similar to Flat Stanley who travels around the world, despite the fact that its creator never left Brussels. I bought the Peruvian book to market the global education trip to Peru.

Afternoon and Evening with Brussels Educator" Yoland Iliano. Adrienne and I realized that Yolanda is an amazing service-learning educator even though she has not been calling her "experiential education" service-learning. Yolanda spent great number of minutes with Ankita because she was interested in her hunger project. Yolanda hopes to come to OKC in November with a group of students and teachers. Her goal is to observe and learn. I think we have a lot of learn from her and her students. She is very involved in projects that promote peace and respect for our differences.

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