Sunday, April 18, 2010


I attended a free webinar sponsored by, as part of their project learning and service-learning. I hope the whole webinar will be made available to teachers because it had great pictures and a power Q/A with Greg.

What I remember of the experience was Greg's focus on placing importance of learning from elders. This is alive and well in Pakistan and Afganistan, but seems to be a lost treasure in the USA. He also stated that some of the balls kids play with in America are made with "slave child labor."

Greg shared what David Petreas learned from Three Cups of Tea:
Listen more
Build Relationships

Greg also stated that if you educate a boy, you educate the individual; if you educate a girl, you educate the community.

Another statement he made that really stayed in my mind was: "When your heart speaks, Take GOOD NOTES."

He talked about Pennies for Peace and service-learning projects generated from Pennies for Piece for local causes like the Little Red Wagon Foundation, an 8-year old kid who will walk for one million dollars to help homeless children.
He also mentioned that American pennies have the power to erradicate illiteracy.

Greg stated that the Taliban is affraid to destroy some of his schools because they were build by free labor from the communities where they stand.

He ended his presentation with a few suggestions

1. Empower elders
2. Do not shelter our kids from the realities of the world

He gave this quote from MLK, "Even if the world ends tomorrow, I will plant my see today."

I look forward to his presentation at Lloyd Noble, APRIL 21, 4:00 P.M. FREE ADMISSION.

The Pinwheels for peace and the Pennies for Peace Project will be the Casady YAC projects-all school project- for next year in the month of September. The project will start in August and culminate on September 21, International Day of Peace.

Circle the World (Inspired by Giant Doves of Roots and Shoots which inspired the Forest of Peace, Respect Diversity Foundation Symbol Exhibit, April 13, 2010

Circle the World
By Dana Lyons

What is we could circle the world
Flying peace doves beneath the sun
Giant twenty foot wings of fabric
That are hand made by everyone
Pmce a uear we circle the world
Saying ain't it time to burry the guns
Our time has come and we have begun
To Circle the World

Its a dream and its a vision
Its a prayer that we may see
When every person, every creature
Will be treated with dignity
When every war will be a memory
We never shall repeat
Our time has come and we have begun
To Circle the World

Its a parade and its a party
Giant puppets with many drums
Its a song with many rhythms
That is sung in many tongues
Its a giant snake dance
In every country beneath the sun
Our time has come and we have begun
To Circle the World

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