Monday, September 14, 2009

July 26-July 27: San Francisco

Afternoon of July 26: We arrived to the Radisson at Fisherman's Wharf (415-392-6700; reservations: 1-800-395-7046) in the afternoon. If we go back to San Francisco, this is a perfect location. The hotel is in the middle of everything.

We started shopping together, but decided to go on age cohorts according to interest. We met for dinner at Bubba Gump. The experience was good, but expensive.

In the evening, WE EXPERIENCE a memorable time together. Emily led us in the most powerful reflection. We discovered how much we had enjoyed the retreat. Words such as forgiveness, discovery, focus, connectivity, and change were delivered in powerful reflective dialogs.

July 27: Desire to sleep late divided our group in age cohorts. Jeanie and I began exploring the Wharf before 8:00 a.m. while the grils slept. We shopped at Wall Greens and had a wonderful breakfast at Boudine's. After breakfast, the girls still wanted to sleep and we went exploring the pier with the intention of meeting the girls for lunch at LA MAR, a high scale Peruvian restaurant.

Jeanie and I had decided to have lunch together while the girls went shopping. We loved the Pier and walked to downtown San Francisco. Our goal was to see the Shynno-en Foundation headquarters. On our way to the headquarters, I discover Jeanie as a walking encyclopedia and acute observer.

On our way to the headquaters, many surprises, unexplainable "good things" happen to us. One of them was that Jeanie bought Steven Covey's books and CD's for the library. I can hardly wait to read them and use them.

At the headquarters, we saw Haru and Liane. That was a wonderful surprise. I asked Liane for "Be the Peace Cards" for Casady and told her that the cards were the foundation of my freshman facilitation of service learning. When I arrived to Casady in August, the cards were waiting for me. Also on a sad note, I found out in early September that Liane and Maura will no longer be directly working for the Foundation. New wonderful people I am sure will be in their place, but they both were very special to me.

Everyone was debriefing the retreat at the headquarters so we stay only a few minutes. It was great to see where everything starts.

Jeanie and I had lunch at La Mar. It was expensive, had a wonderful view, but the food was not what I expected. I was glad the girls did not have to experiene our expensive dissapoitment.

We met the girls at the famous book store, "City Lights." We had a wonderful time there. Then, we had dinner in China town and the girls and Jeanie had dessert on our way back to our hotel. The quality of the food was incredible!

We walked around town and went to bed with the sweet memory of seals and beautiful San Francisco flowers.

The next day, the adventure ended with a relaxing trip back home for the girls and I. Jeanie did not get home until much later because she could not get in our connecting flight, but she had an adventure of her own that day.

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