Monday, September 14, 2009

July 26: Integrating service, peace and spirituality

De-stressing YOGA with Samantha Doak was incredible (, 703-209-5336). During breakfast we found our ride back to San Francisco. Emily's roommate had a car large enough for the 4 of us and our luggage.

After an energizing healthy breakfast, we joined Jeanie's Age Cohort Group to reflect the retreat. Our task was to answer How has the retreat experience been for you so far? What are your thoughts about the value of talking with people from different age groups?

We all wanted to reflect the effect of the labyrinth first. The experiences were similar in the area of connecting to others, but each one of us found an answer or a path to follow to a deep question we were personally searching. It was a conversation that matter!

We were thankful to have had the opportunity to experience the retreat! I liked talking to my same age groups, but I missed the reports to the homegroups of what was discussed in the age cohorts. Last year, hearing the ideas expressed by the different age groups on the same subject areas, were eye-opening, especially from the teenagers point of view.

After a few hours to check-out and place luggage in cars, we gathered to hear Stories of Integrating Service, Peace and Spirituality: Mark and Amal stories were heartbreaking!

In our last home group meeting, we were to create a home group rhythm represntative of our story/experience together. We used a circle, our shoes, walking, the power of silence, our connectivity to each other and nature. Our rhythm was our path to peace. It was a nice way to end our time together.

At lunch, we were families sharing talents. I cannot believe how much I value meals shared with people you enjoy being with. I guess that is for me now a source of joy and a source of pain, for how long? I hope not for ever, but I am still in pain.

It was also hard to say good-bye.

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