Monday, September 14, 2009

Personal reflection and evaluation

In a scale from 0-5, the retreat was a FIVE for me.

The retreat provided the balance and focus I needed to try to work-out some personal issues and gave me clarity on my mission to trust PEACE as the vehicle empowering my service-learning program. Service as a path to peace and stress buster = inner and outter peace.

I hope the foundation will sponsor another retreat next year and I hope Casady is lucky to be asked back one more year. The most memorable times for me were my hours with my home group and the labyrinth experience. The moments that build my capacity to trust "change becomes peace" were the explanations of the projects the Shinnyo fellows were proposing for this academic year. It developed clarity of mission, vision and purpose. The "Be the Peace" and "Six Billion Paths to Peace" cards provided parts of my process.

The only change I would recommend for next year is to allow time for home groups to share what was discussed in age cohort groups. Hearing -our aged-based differences and similarities -is empowering and inspiring.

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