Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17 and early morning 18: Traveling Log

I am amazed at how fast communication is now between parents and teens as well as teens themselves. Before I thought about asking the question, they already had the answers. At the airport, teens texting and on the phone were as common as breathing. I could not help but think how much mass communication has changed the way we live.

The flights were good and everyone was on time and ready to start the adventure.

At the airport, I brainstormed rules of interaction and asked them to share the speaker they were looking forward to hearing. We will be observing the buddy system, checking in by phone if any changes are made, trying to keep the given schedule. The goal is to keep everyone informed and safe. I also told them that that there is an expectation to be prepared for a chapel talk after we come back and that credit will be given for reflection. Reflection must be done on a daily basis. Our last item of discussion was: Robert is our youth leader and facilitator of the conference, but we will keep him aware of what the group wants to do and everyone can afford. He is the final decision maker, but activities have to have group concensus.

After our arrival to the airport, Robert drove us to the Hard Rock Cafe where William and his parents met us. Everyone seemed to have a good time at dinner.

During our walk to the hotel, we observed Saint Patrick's Day celebrations in a college town.

Robert visited Vanderbilt and William joined us in the pre-conference workshop, Creating a Cadre of Youth Facilitators in the morning.

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