Monday, March 23, 2009

Saturday, March 21: Last Day of the Conference

HOPE WALKS: Emily and Rose slept late. Cassidy, Sasha and I participated in the Hope Walk. As we walked to raise awareness of the AIDS Epidemic, I realized how well organized and how simple this walk was. I will suggest the Walk the World leaders this year to follow the format and process given by this walk.

The plenary was amazing. Haru started with a speech about the Paths to Peace. Another speaker of note for me was Richard Love who called to save children from Nature Deficit Disorder, but the greatest highlight was the Drum Cafe. They had 1,000 drums there and they taught us how to beat as one. It was energizing and fun.

The whole group supported Mary Rogers and the Pennsylvania kids. We attended Water Flowing Across the Curriculum. They were very well prepared and made a clear demonstration of curricular connections with this growing global need. Dave Milton had told the kids that his presentation would be boring and not to attend. I attended the Climate Change presentation and it was wonderful. My group would not have had any problem understanding it. Since everyone was tired, they spent time building relationships and resting to be fresh for the Gathering of the Elders. Robert wants to bring that format to school for students to get to know teachers at the retreat and maybe have a special assembly with a gathering of the elders.

Emily reflected us at the Pizza restaurant and then she showed us a brief video of the Post Secrets. After an emotional discussion, we went to bed.

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