Monday, March 23, 2009

Thursday: March 19: Second Day:

The plenary featured Peter Benson from the Search Institute who helped us see how much of an asset builder service-learning is for youth. Paul Houston related his life story as a kid who could not read to a published author. Cassidy was looking forward to Lisa Frank and the change she made in her school through service-learning.

Everyone went to different workshops. Casady and Sasha went to Lisa Frank's Forum, So you Think you want to make Change Then the group went site seeing.

I went with William to Project Ignition presentation because William wanted to explore this project for Casady. He got into this project motivated by the competition of getting free stuff and a free dinner. We heard the stories of the participating high schools in the contest for $10,000.

In the afternoon, I went to Being What You Want, Teaching Who You Are and learned about the reactions of the brain to stress and how to create a more relaxed environment for my students by making sure that we are away from the red zone and into the green zone through breathing. It was an amazing presentation. I bought the book of the presenter, called Being.

After the workshop,Maura, Mary and Nan gave me suggestions about the retreat. They think we are trying to do too much, too quickly and the retreat should be divided into parts for teachers and parts for students. Robert came and gave his perspective and we concluded that Maura should talk to Mr. Bright to add his perspective.

Students went to Star Power, an interactive simulation of the achievement gap.

We went to dinner with the people from Pennsylvania and Robert reflected us. The conversation ended-up in addressing the differences between public and private schools based on the Food they serve. Very interesting.

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