Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday, March 22: Return Home

We left the hotel at 5:20 a.m. We were being nicer and more considerate of each other. At the airport, Cassidy asked the group to reflect through the arts. We will share drawings at Casady.

I read the books Emily asked to buy on board of plane. The books are very difficult because there is a lot of pain in the post cards. According to the author the release has helped many people. I am emotionally drained by them and I think this needs to be handled in collaboration with Dr. Moore and Father Blizzard. I gave the books to Dr. Moore. Emily needs to talk to Dr. Moore also. As a result of reading the books, I want to be a better listener. Work harder in my personal relationships and make sure no one feels unwanted or isolated around me. Using the analogy given during the conference by Shinnyoen, I want people to be in the green zone and to reduce stress.

Nasville 2009 was a great group. It is ironic but we were kinder and more considerate of each other because of the painful books.

We decided that change is needed to improve our facilitation of information and to make YAC's work become RELEVANT, ENGAGING, AND WITH more CHOICES. A way of introducing information like what in elementary grades is called "an emerging curriculum." If each one of the kids who went to Nashville trains a volunteer youth, I think we are ready to empower change to become peace with insightful, capable and caring people.

I look forward to the reflection drawings and the final reflections, one led by me during the YAC meeting with a small amount of time because Kaija has to update everyone on National Volunteer Week (She does not want chapel presentations then because she wants community organizations where we have worked with pictures in the background of the presentation) She is doing a wonderful job creating a celebratory atmosphere for the week without much funding and great ideas. And the last one in front of Mr. Bright led by Rose.

On Friday, March 27, Rose will reflect us in front of Mr. Bright, Dr. Moore, and Mr. Pena.

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